Love and value never fleeting.

Master artisans and designers demonstrate their dedication and attention to every detail in each Hermès piece.

We understand the passion of both Hermès experts and clientele,

And treasure the memories and role Hermès plays in our lives.

We carefully package these stories, and deliver them to you.

Ensuring that this love and value is passed down and continues into the future is our exclusive duty.


Conceived out of a passion for Hermès,
we promote style and sophistication through the resale and consignment of used and brand new Hermès articles.


With the largest collection of coveted and rare Kelly and Birkin handbags in Japan,

We showcase only the pinnacle of quality Hermès is known for.

Like an Hermès museum, our gallery is sure to impress and inspire,

Featuring unique Japanese exclusives, rare collectables as well as various options for special order Hermès handbags.

With trusted white glove service, each item is hand selected by our expert authenticators and appraisers, you will find only the best shopping experience.

You will be excited to find your dream bag at Ginza Xiaoma.

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Whether you are looking to downsize or refresh your wardrobe, our expert experience and knowledge will help determine the value of your beloved Hermès items.

The testimony of your life together and the memories you formed is held in each piece.

At Ginza Xiaoma, we honor your story.

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“I choose to entrust my beloved partner to someone who truly appreciates its value...”

To better meet the needs of all clients, we also offer commission-free consignment services.

Our global network of diverse clients include celebrities and connoisseurs alike.

You can access one of the most extensive and knowledgeable clienteles in fashion

And receive the best value for your Hermès handbags and accessories.

By consigning with Ginza Xiaoma, your beloved Hermès will find a new owner who truly appreciates its value.

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GINZA XIAOMA is the best Hermès store in Japan.

Both domestic and foreign, it is favored by many artists and famous people.
As a result of business development, we recruit new partners who can work with us.

The following are recruitment positions
Internet marketing / E-commerce operation management / Writer / Web designer